Laser hair removal is constantly gaining popularity and it is really easy to understand why since this is the closest hair removal method to the permanent result we are all looking for. It is much more effective than waxing and shaving. While many still utilize electrolysis, laser hair removal is something you want to take into account since it is simply better. The problem is that people do not really know that much about the procedure. Because of this, London Premier Laser highlights some things that most of their patients did not know about laser hair removal before reaching the clinic.

Results Vary From One Patient To The Next

Laser hair removal will not be suitable for every single individual out there, with any hair type and skin. We should know that the very best results will appear in those that have darker coarse hair and a lighter skin. Laser hair removal will target the pigmented tissue so will not work as great on white, blonde, grey or red hair. Technology did evolve and the results are much better with other hair types but some discrepancies can appear.

Hair Cannot Be Removed In Just One Session

This is one of the most important things that people should remember about laser hair removal. Unfortunately, so many are disappointed when they hear that they have to go through 6 to 8 sessions in order to remove the unwanted hair. The number of sessions necessary to remove hair is based on hair color and skin color.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects Exist

You will hear that there are no side effects that appear with laser hair removal because the ones that are normally present are not going to bother you. You normally get some side effects that appear in the area that was treated. You will see it swollen and a little sore for a timeframe between some minutes and some hours. Lightening or darkening of the skin will also sometimes appear. The side effects like scarring or blistering after laser hair removal are incredibly rare. They normally appear when the laser was not properly used so avoid them by talking only with real experienced specialists.

Who Does The Procedure Counts A Lot

It is really important that you research information about the clinic before the appointment is set. You want to find the most experienced and qualified laser technician where you live. We say this due to the fact that the really cheap clinic is not going to offer some great results. You will often see that the complaints and problems appear with the cheap clinics. You can find clinics advertising in lifestyle and fashion magazines. This can give you a starting point for your research.

Follow Surgeon Advice

The last thing that you should know is that the clinician will give you indications about what you have to do before the laser hair removal procedure. Follow those indications to the letter since they help to guarantee that the experience will be much better.