These days, obesity is a big epidemic. Currently, about 1/3 of Americans are obese. Additionally, another 1/3 are overweight. Carrying excess weight is very dangerous because it makes one more susceptible to several degenerative diseases, including but not limited to diabetes, depression, cancer, and heart disease. However, individuals who are ready to implement the behavioral changes necessary to facilitate permanent weight loss can do so by accessing proven, healthy strategies that work. Here are three that can help you shed excess pounds and keep it off for good:

1. Kiss Dieting Goodbye.

If you’re serious about losing weight and keeping it off, remember that yo-yo dieting is a big no-no. This is the case for several reasons. First, dieting typically incorporates severe caloric restriction and can thus increase the participant’s likelihood of a health-compromising binge. Additionally, many diets are innately unhealthy because they involve cutting out or severely restricting key food groups. Finally, most people will not do a diet long-term because the foods are generally unappealing or require a mode of eating that is too divergent from one’s preferred pattern. (An example would be meal replacement shakes. Most people do not want to replace 1-2 meals a day with these shakes even if they are effective in generating substantive weight loss.)

2. Implement A Healthy Eating Plan.

Once you realize that dieting is a big no-no, it’s time to talk about implementing a nutritious meal plan filled with the delicious foods that you’ll actually look forward to eating. Luckily, there’s no one “right” or “wrong” food program. The ideal program is one that gives you the weight loss results you want in a healthy way while still enabling you to eat foods you find appetizing. For example, many people have experienced substantive, permanent weight loss on a program identified as High Carb Low Fat (HCLF) vegan. This food plan enables you to eat a large volume of delicious fruits and vegetables in many formats. This can include juices, smoothies, beans and rice, vegan burritos, zucchini pasta, and much more. The key with this diet is minimizing intake of fat and attaining the majority of one’s calories from carbs.

3. Let The Professionals Assist You.

One final strategy you should implement to facilitate healthy, permanent weight loss is letting the professionals assist you. Trained professionals such as Dr. Bryan MD possess extensive experience in offering customized, cutting edge weight management services that help clients feel their best while shedding unwanted pounds. Click here to learn more about Dr. Bryan’s medical practice and how he can help you attain a new level of health.


You have the power to accomplish all of your personal goals. This includes weight loss. Use this quick reference guide to attain the information necessary to realize your vision of permanent weight loss and healthy living!