Suffering from a pelvic condition can be a painful and difficult medical issue that doesn’t always have clear treatment. However, those who suffer shouldn’t suffer alone. There are some really effective resources available online for people who suffer from pelvic conditions. Pelvic Pain Help, for example, is an excellent resource that can inform you about symptoms and potential treatments.

3 of the Most Common Pelvic Conditions


Prostatitis is a pelvic condition that can occur in men of all ages, and is essentially an infection or inflammation of the prostate. The most common symptom of prostatitis is repeated bladder infections, but there are many variations of the condition with a variety of symptoms ranging from pain in the pelvic or genital areas and frequent need to urinate. If you want to find out more about prostatitis, Pelvic Pain Help is helpful about what other symptoms to look out for and where to seek treatment.

Female Pelvic Pain

Female pelvic pain is a medical condition that occurs in women. It can be caused by an infection or inflammation, but it can also be an indication of another issue. Symptoms include pain in the pelvic and genital regions, painful urination, vaginal bleeding, bloating, or other similar symptoms. You can find out more about female pelvic pain with Pelvic Pain Help.

Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome

Chronic pelvic pain syndrome, or CPPS, is a medical condition of recurring pain in the pelvic area. It is most commonly identified as chronic pain in the pelvic region, without the evidence of a urinary tract infection. Pain levels can range from mild to debilitating, and is likely caused from a combination of factors, including stress. Use Pelvic Pain Help to learn more about CPPS.

Pelvic Pain Help– A Useful Resource for You

If you suffer from one of the above medical conditions, or believe that you may be experiencing another pelvic condition, a useful resource for finding out more about potential symptoms and effective treatments is Pelvic Pain Help. It has a comprehensive analysis of common pelvic conditions. It is a good tool to help determine what the most common symptoms are that could indicate whether or not you have a pelvic condition, or what that pelvic condition might indicate about the rest of your body. It is also useful for finding out some background information on pelvic conditions, as well as treatments that can be used to help alleviate some of the symptoms.

The site was created by the National Centre for Pelvic Pain Research, and is lead by Dr. David Wise and Dr. Rodney U. Anderson and their years of research. There is a wide range of important information about pelvic conditions that they share on the website, which makes it particularly effective for those who wish to research more about the common medical issue without doing years of research. Dr. Wise and Dr. Anderson have synthesized lots of information into an easily readable format hosted on the website. They have also proposed their own treatment based on all of their experience treating pelvic conditions, as well as their intensive research on the subject. This treatment is known as the Wise Anderson Protocol.

The Wise Anderson Protocol – An Effective Treatment for Pelvic Conditions

The Wise Anderson Protocol is a treatment developed by Dr. Wise and Dr. Anderson that is intended to teach patients how to rehabilitate their damaged muscles without the need for continual medical assistance or heavy dosages of medications.  The Wise Anderson Protocol is one of the most effective treatments for pelvic conditions because it assists patients in reducing their reliance on medications and medical professionals. Through a series of simple exercises and pain-reducing techniques, the Wise Anderson Protocol teaches patients how to begin their own self-treatment from the comfort of their own home. This has helped many people regain control of their lives and alleviate the chronic suffering of recurring pelvic pain. 

Reduce Requirement for Medications and Reliance on Medical Professionals

The reason that the Wise Anderson Protocol is the best solution for conditions like prostatitis, female pelvic pain, or chronic pelvic pain syndrome is that it allows patients to take control of their treatment. Pelvic conditions are a commonly misdiagnosed and misunderstood condition in the medical field, and this can result in patients unwittingly taking inappropriate medications and constantly paying out unnecessary medical fees. With the Wise Anderson Protocol, patients can start treating and diagnosing their condition on their own terms. This means that they can reduce their reliance on pain medications, and do not need to leave the comfort of their home to seek medical advice. Treatment through this method has worked for many people, and it continues to work today. The Wise Anderson Protocol only requires a 6-day immersion clinic, which trains patients to be fully capable of starting their own self-treatment, and enables them to take on pelvic conditions with confidence.