While for some people the general health of their teeth is their main concern, for others, the overall look of their smile is all they think about. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to achieve the perfect smile. Cosmetic dentistry is a growing field that focuses primarily on the esthetic aspects of dentistry and can help people with specific issues get the smile they always wanted. In this article, we’re going to explore 5 telltale signs that it might be time for you to see a cosmetic dentist.

1. You Are Insecure About Your Smile

This is one of the most insidious signs that you’re unhappy with the way your teeth look. If you’re constantly finding yourself covering your teeth, looking for objects to hide them or you refrain from smiling on pictures, then it might be time to see a cosmetic dentist.

2. You’re Experiencing Ulcers and Heartburn

Many think that digestion and teeth are completely unrelated, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Teeth play an important in digestion, as proper mastication is essential for your digestive system to properly break down the food you’re eating. If you’re experiencing intense ulcers, it might not always be because of your dentition, but that is a reason that is way too often overlooked.

3. Teeth Stains

While in some cases minor teeth stains can be erased with simple procedures, sometimes, only a cosmetic dentist will be able to help you. If your stains aren’t severe, a cosmetic dentist might recommend a minor in house treatment to remove stains or might ever prescribe a treatment you can apply yourself at home. However, if your case is severe, a doctor might recommend that you get veneers installed or that you undergo a dental bonding procedure.

4. Your Teeth are Misaligned

This is one area where the services of a cosmetic dentist are much needed. While a regular dentist can perform minor procedures to realign teeth, cosmetic dentists will have many more choices at their disposition. A cosmetic doctor might correct minor misalignments with veneers or a very thin restoration at the front of your teeth. They could also use braces or Invisalign treatments depending on your situation.

Some clinics specialize in Invisalign treatments, such as Perfect Smile Spa, while others might use more traditional methods. Make sure that you ask the dentist which methods they prefer and are most comfortable with during your first visit.

4. You’re Feeling Inexplicable Pressure in Your Jaw

Teeth misalignment can have severe repercussions over time and might cause a condition called temporomandibular disorder. Temporomandibular disorder, or TMD for short, happens when the joints that connect your jaw to your skull become dysfunctional. Symptoms of temporomandibular disorder can include things such as headaches, hearing problems, upper shoulder pain and toothaches among other things.

These are all definite signs that you should consider seeking the help of a certified cosmetic dentist. While cosmetic dentists abound, choosing one that will fit your needs and budget isn’t always easy. Whatever you do, make sure that you choose a dentist that has the proper qualifications, experience with your type of procedure and is in good standing with their professional orders.